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3 pack protection bundle incense

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Pagan spell- 

It has been designed for use in any spellwork involving protection, healing, or banishing negative influences and energies. 

Hem Incense, one of the Top Selling Incense in the world.

  • Scent: Against Jealousy
  • Packaging: 20 sticks per pack

Against Jealousy has exotic spice notes. Also known as the Evil Eye Incense it clears the aura and protects against evil eye or evil eye damage and other negative energies

20 sticks Protection pack

One of it’s most popular uses, is using incense for protection. It has been used since ancient times, throughout many of the worlds traditions for purification purposes. Incense is believed to cleanse and consecrate sacred spaces, removing negative energies and allowing the higher spiritual vibrations to flow in.